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Tivoli Monitoring Workspace Templates Disclosure Number: IPCOM000195305D
Publication Date: 2010-Apr-28
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Workspace templates provide a mechanism which allows users of the Tivoli Enterprise Portal to tag a collection of navigator nodes that will share custom workspaces.

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Tivoli Monitoring Workspace Templates

Disclosed is a system which allows users of the Tivoliā„¢ Enterprise Portal to assign a template name to a collection of custom navigator nodes. Once the nodes have been assigned to a template, any custom workspaces that are created for a tagged node will be shared among all nodes that have the same template name. The system is comprised of two tools, assignTemplate and assignTemplateBatch which can be used to assign template names to navigator nodes. The typical use case for this system would involve the following steps.
1. Create a custom navigator using the Tivoli Enterprise Portal navigator editor dialog
2. Utilize one of the assignTemplate tools to assign a template name to several nodes in the navigator.
3. Create custom workspaces for any one of the "templated" workspaces.
4. The custom workspaces would now be available from all of the nodes that share the same template name.

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