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Heat Activated Polyethylene Fastener

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000195568D
Publication Date: 2010-May-05
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The invention is for a better method to securely fasten rigid material to polyethylene foam.

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Heat Activated Polyethylene Fastener

This disclosure is for a fastener that allows attachment of more rigid materials (like a metal panel) to polyethylene foam or a more resilient material without the attachment to the foam loosening. Other methods of fastening into foam material require the use of a mechanical thread to anchor the fastener to the foam. The problem with this type of attachment is that it pulls out of the foam easily. The invention described below would use exothermic chemicals contained within a special fastener to fasten the rigid material to the foam. Additionally, the use of heat to "weld" the fastener in place would make for easier recycling of the components that are attached to each other.

The core idea of this invention is to provide a more positive attachment to polyethylene foam by using heat activation. The application of the fastener is quick and leaves a manufactured item that can be easily recycled by manually unscrewing or snapping off the head (rounded triangular shape to alleviate the need for tools) of the fastener from the body of the fastener. Finally, the activation method of the heating system is also unique.

The polyethylene fastener would have the same profile as a large flat headed screw but the shaft would be hollow. Within the shaft would be two types of chemicals inside of two chambers that can be punctured using a polyethylene pin (that fits within the shaft of the fastener). Once the fastener is in place (through the...