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friendship-oriented communications and collaboration cross heterogeneous communities Disclosure Number: IPCOM000195572D
Publication Date: 2010-May-06
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This disclosure is to generate the friendship-oriented communications and collaboration cross hetegrogeneous communities. It is a client-side solution. End users have the ability to extend their friendship to the other communities and are not limited by service or community providers.

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friendship-oriented communications and collaboration cross heterogeneous communities

1. Background: There are some instance messaging communities, ex, sametime, msn, AOL, gtalk. The capability of crossing communities communication is based on the community providers' decision. Currently end users can not bypass these if community servers don't provide the cross community capabilities. However, most of end users many have several communities for different roles. For examples, an end user uses sametime to communicate with the other colleagues and uses AOL or MSN with friends. The real world is not that simple. People many cross different communities. Like a person, his friends also know some of his colleagues because of him. The situation is a person crosses multiple communities. His friends, families and colleagues from these communities can't chat together unless they apply id for a single communities or the community providers provide the capabilities to cross.
2. Descriptions of the Invention: To resolve this situation, we are going to provide a client side solution. Currently, there are some unified instant messaging clients. A single client can log in multiple communities.

The idea is based on a client (ex, expeditor, eclipse or a native application) to extend the capabilities. A client can invite his friends from different community buddy lists to have a group chat. That host client will be a broker to help to pass messages to cross communities. The further, based on this client, they can add their friend's fiends from the other community to their local buddy list. Once their common friend is on-line, they will be able to see these friends' status and talk again.

     The advantage of this invention is that customers can communicate cross heterogeneous communities and don't reply on if the community providers have the capabilities or not. It is friendship-or...