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Detecting duration of users within proxmity to other users. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000195683D
Publication Date: 2010-May-12
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Disclosed is a system for calculating the time duration that an individual is within proximity to another person.

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Detecting duration of users within proxmity to other users .

Current art teaches how one can use Bluetooth technology or location services such as GPS (Global Positioning System) to determine the proximity of persons to one another. For example, a sales person may want to know who he had dinner with for expense purposes. Additionally, parents may want to know that their children are within proximity to their teachers during the school day. Today's art doesn't go far enough into calculating the duration aspect of proximity awareness. This is the subject of this disclosure.

The system disclosed will be embodied as a computer program. This computer program will run on a computing device that is capable of determining one's physical location as well as determining the location of select individuals near this user. For example, cell phones with GPS capability or Bluetooth capability are ways that a computing device can detect the user's physical location as well as proximity to others. The system disclosed will contain a computer program that allows the user to specify friends, coworkers, teachers, etc. that this user chooses to monitor their proximity to. When the computer program detects a user is within proximity to the computing device that is running this computer program, the system will store this event with the current time and date in a non-volatile storage area such as the embedded disk drive of the computing device. This system will then check if this indiv...