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Method to target advertising with regional competitors Disclosure Number: IPCOM000195694D
Publication Date: 2010-May-12
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A method and system for providing targeted advertisements based on customer origin, and a method for cost recovery partnerships are disclosed.

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Method to target advertising with regional competitors

Disclosed is a system for targeting advertising based on a person's origin, and providing a method for cost recovery and partnership. The system involves setting a user's specified origin, detecting the Origin broadcast, and modifying the advertising stream with targeted ads from the origin. The method involves a cost recovery and partnership whereby the targeted ad provider can establish partnerships with worldwide vendors and provide a global partnership to advertise and reinforce the global reach of regional brands.

Each user in the system sets the user's origin, and the wireless signal is activated begins broadcasting the user's origin.


User 1 sets phone origin to New York
User 1 travels from New York to Toronto
User 1's phone broadcasts the origin.

Figure 1: Describes the Broadcast Action and Setup

When a signal is detected by the system, it determines the proximity of the signal. If the signal is closer than others, it checks the partnership list to determine if there exists a partnership. If the partnership exists, it injects the corresponding advertisement, and triggers the brand payment method.


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User 1's broadcast is detected.

The signal strength is compared against User 2... User N, and determined to be closer. User 1 is determined to be from New York
The system checks the partnership database, and finds a matched ad...