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A Method To Reduce Data Storage Requirements and To Automate Updates For System Models Disclosure Number: IPCOM000195827D
Publication Date: 2010-May-18
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Described is a method to reduce the amount of location information needed to describe a system of 3D models, and to allow easier updating of the models themselves.

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A Method To Reduce Data Storage Requirements and To Automate Updates For System Models

We are developing a system which presents a 3D representation of a configured computer system which will be used to identify component and cable jack locations for repair actions. All of these components are listed in a location mapping file which places the component in a specific location in 3D space. Some components, such as I/O cards or I/O hubs, have many jacks, each of which must also have a location reference so that the jack location can be highlighted for a repair action. Putting the

jack locations in the location mapping file causes a problem in that the location mapping

file lists all the possible locations for all the parts that make up the computer system. To see how this is a problem, assume that there are three different I/O cards that can be installed in an I/O cage, card


                                                      3 has three I/O jacks. The I/O cage has 32 slots for I/O cards, so to represent all possible locations for these cards and jacks would require:

Locations of the I/O cards themselves 32 32 Locations of card


_1 jacks

_2 jacks

     3 listed in the example above rather than 224 locations. If another card becomes available in the future with a different number of jacks then no changes need to be made to the location mapping file since the code processes the I/O jack locations automatically. In addition, other prefixes can also be used to process other features, such as removable parts or parts th...