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Remote monitoring of people

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000195996D
Publication Date: 2010-May-24
Document File: 2 page(s) / 2M

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Lino Nakada: INVENTOR


Monitor people living abroad or far away based on equipment usage.

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Sony Corporation

Sony Electronics Inc.

IPD Case # 200902993


Remote monitoring of peopleĀ 

Description of the Invention:

Monitor people living abroad or far away based on equipment usage.


Lino Nakada

Invention Disclosure:

What issues/problems does your invention try to address?

Monitoring parents living abroad and difficult to contact due time difference.

How did others try to address these issues/problems?

Check regular activities of people. Equipment powering on/off events could be saved in network computer and logging accessed by assigned user.

Explain your invention and specifically identify the new and novel features.


  • Monitoring person, mainly elderly, living abroad or far away checking the equipment usage. Equipment could be a TV or any consumer electronics connected to network.
  • The command of equipment, like power on/off events, could be saved in network server.
  • Some relatives can access this network server to check whether person is using the equipment.
  • If network server detects any abnormal usage then alerts someone registered into system.

Describe other possible uses for your invention:

Security system

Is there a preferred or best way to practice your invention?

Any consumer electronics connected to network could have this feature.