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System For Automatic Recognition And Usage Of Database Objects (Data Type, Table, Index Access Method, User Defined Routines) In RDBMS. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000196284D
Publication Date: 2010-May-29

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Object relational database systems (RDBMs) enable creation of new types, functions, procedures, aggregates, and table/index access methods to extend RDBMs. A set of new objects is developed for a purpose (e.g., spatial and text search) and packaged as datablades with database products such as IBM Informix datablades, extenders in DB2, and cartridges in Oracle products. In addition, customers may develop their own datablades (i.e., sets of types and functions). The application developers generally focus on the capabilities of a database server and do not want to be concerned with the underlying infrastructure. For example, field data shows that customers generally prefer not having to learn and use a new infrastructure in new products. To improve the usability of an extensible infrastructure, this invention enables the use of new features (e.g., types, access methods, etc.) to be transparent to application developers, database packagers, and database administrators. When a developer uses a feature provided by a datablade, for example, to create a table with a new type, the feature would be available without additional help from database administrators or changes to system configurations. The invention achieves such transparency for the users by creating well known objects, dependency list, asynchronous object registration and retry logic within object finding algorithm.