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Mail ID with attributes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000196527D
Publication Date: 2010-Jun-04
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There is often a need to know about some details of a mail ID. On the other hand every person would like to share some information to others through mail ID. For example a person's managers mail ID&Team's group ID to while sending appreciation, a person's backup contact ID, phone number, off line status message, social networking profiles etc. The concept of attributes to mail ID and a method to use them is discussed in this article. Each mail ID may have a set of attributes associated to it. The advantage here is that there will not be any need to refer to any other link/document to know the basic information required while drafting the mails. The information will be available to the users on the fly.Who ever knows mail ID can see these details. A Multi Level Security(MLS) feature is also suggested to take care of privacy and security on who can view what details.

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Mail ID with attributes

There will be two types of attributes.
1. Static

If the user wish to publish his call name / DOB. These will be static for ever.

2. Dynamic

Managers name , backup contact person, secretary ID will be dynamic.

Under dynamic we will have
i) Auto updated

The details like managers ID can be auto fetched from web links / from data bases.

ii) Manually updated

The update can be done manually if an attribute is dynamic and there is no data

base/URL to auto fetch the detail.

Based on the value of the attribute the attributes can be classified into
I) Single valued
II) Multi Valued


The User account will provide an option to define attributes. Attributes are [name = Value(s)]


For auto fetched attributes option will be provided to specify the source. The account may fetch the details on-demand/cache if someone is trying to see the value of an attribute.

At the other end, if the user presses say a dot(.) after the mail ID a graphical rich User Interface (UI) will show the attributes defined by that particular mail ID. If the user brings the mouse

pointer near the attribute the value(s) of the attribute will be shown. Depending upon the usage

the attributes and their values will be used at the other end. The list of attributes and their values are obtained by the synchronization from the different service providers. The dynamic attributes will be checked on the fly. The service provider might provide option to cache the attribute de...