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A social based mechanism to use services in the Web through keyword search Disclosure Number: IPCOM000196594D
Publication Date: 2010-Jun-08
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The field of this invention is related to information discovery. This invention is to enable business users to discover information provided by services through keyword search.

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A social based mechanism to use services in the Web through keyword search

1. Background and Problem:

More and more services have been published to Web as REST API or Widget, like today Google has 192,802 gadgets. The same thing has happened in the enterprise context. Like the Lotus Connections, WebSphere Business Space, etc.

To use these services, user first needs discover the right service. In general, the user will use keywords search against service's metadata like title, description, tag etc to find the services. Then user need fill in the parameters to invoke the services. This process is not intuitive for user. To make this process simpler and easier, how to present the information user really need directly?

2. Prior arts and their drawbacks:

Search engines provide the convenient way to find the useful information with simple keyword search. Google&Baidu are starting to extend and open their search engine to support the domain specific search with given keywords, or simple natural language processing.
1. Search engine use the centralized way to search the information. It crawls all the documents and data and creates index for them. There are some limitations there:
1). the result returned from search engine may not be updated timely. E.g. there are dozen of mins delays for the stock quote searching.
2). in enterprise context, some business confidential/sensitive data could not be exposed to search engine. They are required specific security control for such information.
2. In some other solutions, search engines statically bind certain services to some predefined keywords, then when user input these keywords, the bound service will be called and its result will berendered directly.
1). In this case, some keywords should be predefined for each service. E.g. predefine keyword "weather" for weather-forecast from "Weather China("

Summary of Invention:

The core idea of this invention is to use service invocation history to analyze query keywords, find several service candidates, and match corresponding parameters, then instantiate these services to provide information to end user. At the same time, system records service invocation and user's selection on the search result, and usesthem to optimize above process.

Detail Description:

1. System Arc...