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Method and System for Hierarchical, Multimodal, Real Time Decision Support Disclosure Number: IPCOM000196694D
Publication Date: 2010-Jun-11
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Disclosed is a method and system for analyzing events of various kinds in real time for providing insights and/or predictions facilitating informed decision making for a given operation.

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Method and System for Hierarchical , Multimodal, Real Time Decision Support

  method and system is disclosed for analyzing events of various kinds in real time for providing insights and/or predictions facilitating informed decisions making for a given operations. The operations may be related to government tasks, commercial tasks and personal tasks.

The system includes an analysis system. The analysis system receives information about real world events of various kinds from various sources such environmental and traffic sensors, video surveillance, and satellite imaging. This information is used by the analysis system to generate various kinds of insights and predictions. These insights and predictions are passed to a decision support system that provides suggestions to take informed decisions.

The analysis system disclosed herein includes a hierarchy of sub-level analysis engines. The sub-level analysis engines work in conjunction with each other to provide insights and predictions for different level operations, which can be broad as well as very specific, small scale operations, including those of individual people.

In an exemplary embodiment, following sub-level analysis engines can be employed:





               , education, entertainment, medical appointments, and so forth
Personal preferences - brands, tastes, dislikes, aspirations, and so forth
Personal communications - telephone calls, email, SMS, Social Network postings
Personal presence - current locality, security, access rights
Personal transportation - current destination, public transportation schedules, highway routes and conditions, refueling and re-charging opportunities

The sub-level analysis engines are not limited to the abovementioned levels and many other combinations can be envisaged.



regional-level analysis engine that can receive the results of the national-level analysis engine and in addition is

national-level analysis engine that is concerned among other things with:

National transportation systems - airlines, major railroads, shipping National financial markets and economic data
National weather systems - major storms

also concerned among other things with:

Regional transportation systems - major and minor highways, commuter train systems
Regional events and local phenomena - major sports or entertainment events, major construction or development projects, local flooding or other disruptions
Local weather events - tracking rainstorms, wind patterns
Local economic factors - operations of major plants or back office sites, day worker demand


national- level and regional-level analysis engines and in addition is also concerned among other things with:

Personal health

Personal finances
Personal agenda - wor


personal-level analysis engine - can be...