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Method to view the next status of contacts in instant messaging system

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Publication Date: 2010-Jun-12
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view the next status of contacts in instant messaging system

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Method to view the next status of contacts in instant messaging system

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User often starts his/her chat with the following conversation . It means that user wants to know the next status of the person he /she is chatting with. This can help user determines if it is the right time to initiate a chat or not .

User One... Do you have 20 mins to talk with me?

   11:07:52 AM
User Two@c... Sorry, I will have a meeting in 5 mins.

   11:08:26 AM User One ... OK.

11:09:00 AM

Also, when user wants to chat with a contact but finds he is not available to chat (he's offline, ina meeting, is away or don't disturb),he/she often wants to know if the contact will be available in the coming certain time period or not . So that the user can estimate when he/she can start the chat.

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Patent No. 6920478 Method and system for tracking the online status of active users of an ...

Patent No. US 2003/0046296 A1Calendar-enhanced awareness for instant messaging systems and electronic ... Patent No. US 2004/0117443 A1Method and apparatus for managing instant messaging
Patent No. 6839737 Messaging system for indicating status of a sender of electronic mail and ...

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There are many prior arts which are about showing the current status of a contact . But these prior arts don 't cover this disclosure.

Why need a new solution?

In instant messaging system , user often wants to know other contact 's availability in the coming certain time period . So that he/she can determine or estimate when he /she should start to chat . But current solution can only view current status of contacts . So we need a solution to let user view the next status of contacts .



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1. User can view the next status of his /her contacts.
2. User can specify the time period that he /she wants to view.
3. The next status of contacts is from various resources , such as work calendar, team calendar, personal calendar, vacation system, out of office system, and availability status prediction system .
4. The availability status prediction system is used to predict user 's future availability probability by collecting...