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Automation Tool Sleeps With Trigger When Waiting Test Object Ready Disclosure Number: IPCOM000196718D
Publication Date: 2010-Jun-13
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This solution can resolve the problem during automation testing. When waiting test object ready, the automation tool can sleep with trigger, which can detect whether the object is ready, and also automation tool can work for another test case while detecting.

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Automation Tool Sleeps With Trigger When Waiting Test Object Ready

During the automation, we need to wait for a while if one test object is ready , like mails arriving in the mail box , or test object's creation or deletion, etc. These objects are not shown up as soon as test steps executed , so we needwait for some time for their appearance.The current approach to solve this in existing automation tools is to use sleep method to wait with one limitation on time . First, if several minutes'limitation passed, the object is still not ready , we will say test case failed . But the object may come soon , what we have done is to wait enough , or to accept this false fail , or give up the automation on thiskind of test case . Also, automation tool is running, and we use automation tool to wait for long time , which will cost much memory /cpu and time. And other test case can't be continued since this test case is not finished and automation tool can 't be shared.

Let automation tool wait with another method , sleep with trigger, can resolve the problem we met .When we want to wait for some objects , and we know that simply wait for several seconds is not enough and old sleep method can 't resolve our problem.

So we will choose the new sleep method with the trigger , which will monitor the object , all the parameters and situation are captured , only keep one eye on that object .So the automation tool will just keep the trigger working when waiting . Whenever the trigger is triggered, the automation tool will continue the test case at the point we are paused . And during the waiting, other test case can begin its work, when the former test case is triggered , will also determine the new test case is finished , then continue with what we have captured.

The core design for the method is like Figure 1below:
1. Sleep with trigger when automation executing . When the object is not ready , the trigger will keepone eye on the object , and when the criteria of the object is satisfied , the trigger will be triggered and sleep is stopped . The automation test case can be continued . The criteria has many method to be determined , which is decided by the user . For example, if the object we are waiting is the mail , then the new mail with the keyword we setting shows up in the mailbox , which will be the criteria of the trigger . Another example, if what we are waiting for is web page component , then the parameters of the component will be set as the trigger , when it is satisfied, the sleep is stopped. Here we need the user to set this criteria ,since it is flexible. And the method will leave this interface to the user . Also, When automation code is executed , and use sleep with trigger command to wait for the object , the trigger will always monitor the object until find it within the time range the...