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Mechanism and Apparatus for a video content copy history tracking system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000196887D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Jun-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Jun-19
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Booth, Bob: INVENTOR


A mechanism and apparatus for tracking which video content has been copied / trasferred from a DVR settop device to another externally connected device.

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Mechanism and Apparatus for a video content copy history tracking system

Robert C Booth

Motorola, Inc.

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A mechanism and apparatus for a video content copy history tracking system including a video copying device and a copy tracking retrieval device. The video copying device maintains a log of videos copied. The copy tracking retrieval device obtains an instance of the copy log maintained on the video copying device. 


Currently there is no way to track and report which content has been copied from a DVR set-top box to another device.


First, video content is requested to be copied or transferred from a DVR settop (or other) device. Second, a copy history log is maintained for each copy/transfer session. The copy history log may contain among other items:

  1. Content handle
  2. Time transfer started
  3. Time transfer completed
  4. Source ID
  5. Channel Number
  6. Program ID
  7. Program Title
  8. Program Description
  9. Program Category / Genre
  10. Program Rating
  11. Content specific data (e.g. – HD, PPV, Series, Movie, etc.)
  12. Program start and end times

The copy history log may also contain information indicating whether the copy/transfer was successful or failed due to certain error conditions. The log file may alternatively be authenticated and/or encrypted. The copy history log can be retrieve by the multiple service operators (MSO) for evaluation purposes. The log can be retrieve via a network server acting as a copy tracking retrieval device.  Alternativel...