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Optimization of email server space Disclosure Number: IPCOM000197264D
Publication Date: 2010-Jun-30
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Problem: Often we need to copy lots of people on email with heavy attachments, who just needs to be copied for intimating about the email and do not actually require the attachment. In such instance the mailbox on server gets filled with these heavy attachments and are required to clear it or archive lots of email immediately in order to keep server space free for more important email to be recieved. Our proposed invention will help these set of people in retaining free space on the email server which is used up by these non-required attachments. As of now to our knowledge there is no solution in the market which help in this problem area.

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Optimization of email server space

Optimization of email server spaceOptimization of email server space

The main approach to this idea is:

While sending email, the sender has a different adressee space in addition to To,Cc and Bcc, where he would put the email adresses of those where the attachment needn't go.

For all the email addresses mentioned in To/CC/Bcc areas we would trigger send with attachment instance of application. for the email addresses mentioned in the new space say CCWA (CC without Attachment) we would trigger send without attachment instance of application.

The intent of this idea is to show innovation on thought and process and not debate on technology as this is not only aimed for Lotus or Microsoft and it can be true for any of the service vendor and application .

The Aim of this proposal is to retain free space on email server account of the individuals and also on the server in total.

On high level the approach of the idea is to send attachment only to the people who require the attachment, the people who just needs to be intimated about the email should get a message that Attachment is removed from the email , if they need the attachment which was removed they can download it from this link within 4


days. This link will be tagged on the server with the attachment for 4 days after which the attachment will be removed and the link will give an error saying " Not a valid address now" or something like "

- please contact the email

With this...