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Shared Audio Experience. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000197388D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-06
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Plantronics INC.



Title of Invention

S.A.E. or Shared Audio Experience.





Field of the Invention: Give both general and specific descriptions of the field to which the invention relates. 

Consumer products for in-car and hands free use.



Background :Describe the problem that is to be solved by the invention.  Be precise in defining what the problem is, including any necessary technical details or issues that are addressed by the invention.

Often users of BT headsets want a flexible solution that allows both a private audio conversation as well as the ability to have a shared audio conversation or experience, (SAE), in the car using a handsfree BT headset while not having to invest in redundant devices.



Previous Solutions: Describe what solutions to this problem have been tried before, and why they are inadequate.  Also describe previous known solutions to similar or related problems. 

LG HBN 800. Is a competitive speakerphone that allows a BT headset to be docked into a recharging speakerphone for in the car shared audio experience. This product falls short in it’s hardware flexibility and portability through a typical day. It is also not a portable charging case that can charge and protect the headset on the go as well.



Description of the Invention: Describe in detail how you intend to solve the problem.  Provide both an overall description and specifics of each element of the invention.  Attach diagrams, flow charts, pictures, test results, etc. Use extra pages if necessary. Note which elements you believe to be novel as well as those you think are conventional.  Describe any alternative ways of building and operating the invention.  

Users are able to dock their headset (HS) into a thin, pocketable case for charging. If the user would like to have a shared audio experience in speaker phone mode the user easily docks the charging case and HS into a larger speaker-only base to transfer the call to speaker phone mode. The BT headset acts as the mic while docked as well as the “brains” for transmitting audio through the HS/charge case and into the speaker dock.The power or battery is supplied via the charging case. The “system” and it’s utility, portability and flexibility are key.



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