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Method to Reduce Receipt Latency by Preprinting Store Logo Disclosure Number: IPCOM000197726D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-20
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Problem is that when a receipt is printed on a thermal printer with dual print heads (one on either side of the receipt to be printed) there is a blank area or latency because the lower print head is so far beneath the upper print head and the cutter.The more that can be printed on both sides of the paper without waste the better. Reducing the latency reduces paper use and subsequently reduces the time to print the receipt.

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Method to Reduce Receipt Latency by Preprinting Store Logo

The idea is to print the store logo (or any other info that is known prior to printing a receipt) at the end of a first receipt transaction onto the second receipt transaction such that the second receipt transaction already has the logo preprinted in place as the first receipt transaction is indexed to the cutter. The printing for the second receipt transaction starting at the first or upper print head just below the cut line while the reverse side 2nd print head starts the printing just below the store logo that was printed at the end of the first transaction. Thus, the beginning of the receipt is printed by the 2nd print head (the lower print head ). This removes the latency from the print heads but not the cutter - latency for the cutter is mitigated by reducing the distance between the cutter and the top print head. See the figure for a graphical representation of the idea for the printed receipt.



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