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Automatically generate status update Disclosure Number: IPCOM000197748D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-21
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This invention proposes when a user sends an email or some kind of computerized communication, the user's status on one or more social networking sites will optionally be updated.

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Automatically generate status update

In the exciting era of twitter*, facebook*, instant messaging and other social networking sites, keeping your status up to date or twittering is hot. Currently to update your status or tweet you need to type up your status messages onto one of your sites. The first part of this idea utilizes emails, wikis, blogs, and other communication means to automatically summarize a person's activity and update their social networking site's status. Status updates can also be generated from a photo, using photo recognition. Optionally, a user can specify one or more recent

photographs as input to status updates on social networking Web sites. Graphical recognition

software would analyze the photographs and describe the user's actions.

Here are a few implementations:

1) User A sends out an email about some external work event Z that they are planning.


Hi, we are underway to plan the external conference that is scheduled for May. Start

planning your sessions.


User A

User A sends this email to Users B and C. When the user sends the email there is a check box saying "summarize this email to update status in XX site(s)". When the email is sent with the check box enabled, the corresponding site's status will be updated. In particular for this email the tweet/status update might be "Planning conference that will be in May."

a) When the user updates status, the user can decide whether to send the status updates only to selec...