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You Won't Lose Your SONY Phone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000197754D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-21
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Laura Reed: INVENTOR


Out of range alarm built into both the phone and a credit-card sized unit kept in your wallet

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Sony Corporation

Sony Electronics Inc.

IPD Case # 200903070


You Won't Lose Your SONY Phone 

Description of the Invention:

Out of range alarm built into both the phone and a credit-card sized unit kept in your wallet


Laura Reed

Invention Disclosure:

What issues/problems does your invention try to address?

Temporary or permanent loss of cell phone

Explain your invention and specifically identify the new and novel features.

A miniature out-of-range alarm associated between a cell phone <built in> and a small credit card unit which can be kept in the wallet.

This is similar to the alarms used in nursing homes, house arrest, and child monitoring.

Explain how your invention overcomes the problems described above.

You would set up a distance range in your phone's menu. Say, 20 feet for example. Since most people keep their wallets in proximity to their cell phones, but tend to pull them out independently of one another, this would also minimize leaving your wallet behind somewhere, as your cell phone would have a special out-of-range ring. It would alert you as well to a pickpocket, for example.

Describe other possible uses for your invention:

This could also be utilized as a build-in on our laptops/ cameras/mp3 players any small electronics that you carry with you but might misplace

A parent could slip the card into a childs clothing while keeping the phone on their own person and use as an impromptu child out-of-range alarm