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Automotive Roof Ditch Clip

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000197769D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-21
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A combination of primary and secondary retaining means provides a superior automotive roof ditch clip resulting in securely attached roof ditch moldings having a wide variety of profiles/shapes.

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Automotive Roof Ditch Clip

A variety of automobiles now include a roof ditch that extends along a portion of the automobile roof above the doors. The roof ditch is typically defined by the joint between the roof and the side panel of the automobile. Typically, the roof ditch is covered by a metal or plastic roof ditch molding which provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance. To adequately secure the molding to the roof ditch, metal or plastic clips are provided within the roof ditch. The clips are typically provided with a double-coated tape protected by a release liner, which is removed prior to installation of the clips within the roof ditch. The molding is then inserted into the roof ditch clip. It is important that the roof ditch molding be easily applied yet securely attached within the roof ditch clip. The roof ditch clip pictured below provides a simple, yet secure attachment means for a roof ditch molding for today's modern automobile. The primary attachment of the molding to the clip is provided by bending the roof ditch clip material inwards resulting in tabs that prevent the molding from popping out of the clip. A secondary attachment means is provided by cutting two intersecting slits into the roof ditch clip material and then pushing the slit/cutout regions inward into the clip resulting in a triangular shaped retainer. The combination of the primary and secondary retaining means provides a superior roof ditch clip resulting in securely attached r...