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Method of Attaching a Filling Bell Disclosure Number: IPCOM000197771D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-21

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A filling bell can be used on point of use filters and the like. Typically they are held on by a friction fit. However at times the bell may release. Others have tried glues or heat bonds which while overcoming the issue create problems as they are permanent attachments. The use of a hose barb on the device and an attachment device on the filling bell designed to be connected to the barb makes for a secure but removable fitting. The use of grooves, undercuts, flexible fingers and/or threads is taught. Additionally the uppermost outer surface of the bell may sit against the outer surface of the connector to provide additional stability to the bell on the connector and to in some cases provide a positive pressure of the inner surface of the bell against the barb to keep the two elements connected securely.