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Publication Date: 2010-Jul-22

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Ths relates to chain bars and other support structures for chain cutting instruments. Chain bar apparatus and methods are disclosed that may be formed from plastic, metal or other materials. Laser cutting of a chain bar core can provide improved structural characteristics, for example when adhesive is used to assemble the chain bar. Flow diversion elements can be used to optimize flow throughout the chain bar.

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    These inventions relate to chain bars and other support structures for chain cutting instruments.

Methods and apparatus are disclosed that can be used for chain bars


or other support structures (sometimes hereafter referred to as "chain bars") for chain cutting instruments. One or more aspects of the methods and apparatus can be used to improve the manufacture of such structures, as well as to improve the structures themselves. In at least one aspect, the manufacturing cost for a chain bar can be reduced. In at least one aspect, the


manufacturing of a chain bar is simplified.

    In one example described herein, a chain bar is formed as a laminate of at least two structures, namely an outer plate and a core. The core is configured to extend substantially in the same manner as the outer plate, so that for example the outer plate is formed to be substantially planar, and a


substantial portion of the core is also formed to be substantially planar. The core is also formed to include at least one passageway extending through the thickness of the core, such as from one side of the core adjacent the outer plate to the other side of the core opposite the outer plate. In one example, the at least one passageway is formed as a closed circuit not extending to any


outer perimeter of the core. An example of a closed circuit includes a nonlinear opening, for example but not by way of limitation an opening having opposing walls spaced apart from each other substantially a constant distance. Another example is a non-circular opening extending in a given direction without intersecting a parameter portion of the core. A further


example includes an opening that is asymmetric, and one example of an asymmetric opening includes a serpentine opening. Other configurations of openings may also be used, in addition to or as a substitute for the openings described. In one example, at least one opening is formed in a core of a


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Ref: 57701-015WO

chain bar and the chain bar is assembled with adhesive extending into the at least one opening. In a further example, adhesive used in constructing a chain bar extends entirely through an opening in the chain bar from one side of the chain bar to another side of the chain bar.

In another example of a laminated chain bar having at least an outer


plate and a core, at least one opening extending completely through the core is a laser cut opening. In a method of forming a core for a chain bar, the chain bar includes a core having an opening formed through a laser cutting operation. In one example, the opening is formed so as to be completely internal to a perimeter of the core. In another example, an opening is formed


through the core by laser cutting an opening having opposing walls spaced apart from each other a substantially constant distance, and in one example, the opening follows a serpentine path. Many if not...