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Direct Conversation updating of issue tracking systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000197784D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-22
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Direct Conversation updating and control of issue tracking systems. Using an instant messaging conversation, with limited input ability to encourage interaction, issues in a tracking system can be controlled and updated.

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Direct Conversation updating of issue tracking systems

For issue tracking systems, regular updates are useful both for project management tracking and for recording details of ongoing investigations.

    All known solutions allow for comments to be added. For various cultural reasons, developers who are fixing issues are notoriously bad at updating these system regularly with salient information. Updates are sporadic, or less then useful and often limited to brief comments ("fixed it" for example).

    The solution herein is to adopt the technology used by synchronous chat mechanisms and new social networking sites in a different and unique way.

The solution establishes an agent linked with a issue tracking system - this agent interfaces with instant messaging systems. When an update is required it initiates a conversation with the developer to ask for status.

    Not only would it ask for status, it would require that the response be limited to a small number of characters. The reason is that a smaller and restricted response is hoped to encourage people to respond. It is hoped that it would not be ignored as people do not feel under pressure to provide much response. A good example here is Twitter, where a short response is easy to write quickly without too much distraction.

    Assume an existing issue management system, and also a existing instant messaging system. Assume also that the instance messaging system can restrict responses to eg, 140 characters.

For each issue whe...