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Method for locating cables associated with computing systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000197939D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-22
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Described is a way to visually locate external cables that connect a server and its peripheral components.

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This idea proposes the use of low voltage ( LED) lighting, running the length of a cable, to provide a means for easily locating a cable run, regardless of the path or length of the cable. The cable could be manufactured with a flexible string of low voltage LEDs fabricated into the exterior casing. These LEDs could be powered from one of two ways: either via one of the pin voltage sources where the cable connector could provide such, i.e., an I/O expansion unit connector; or an induction device (battery powered) that, when placed on the cable, would provide enough current to activate the LEDs.

    The advantage to the first method would be that the system could be used to activate the LEDs on the cable. Many hardware vendors provide a means to identify (usually via LEDs) the location for connection points of a cable on a server. This operation could be extended to include the LEDs on the cable as well.

    The advantage of the second method would be that it would not require any modification to existing stock pin connectors or add any additional software requirements. Additionally, this second option would allow application of an LED light string post manufacturing or in existing installations. Plus, this method would be applicable for doing enterprise maintenance where the cables may not be connected to a powered server.