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Mechanism for Application Synchronization and Communication Disclosure Number: IPCOM000197940D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-22
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Disclosed is a reusable framework and mechanism for automated synchronization as a means of improving the efficiency of the process for synchronizing records from two or more separate systems.

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The problem being solved by this invention is the tedious manual effort required to keep records from separate systems synchronized. Separate systems keep inventory of data such as services or servers deployed at any given time. The separation of duties and different audiences or user types deems this separation necessary. As time passes, the redundancy of information becomes overwhelming to a point where an automated synchronization mechanism is required.

    Current software solutions for synchronizing systems require the systems to be similar in formats, prohibiting engineers and analysts from defining and performing customizing actions. This particular problem is unique in that it requires special rules when records are encountered such as whether they should be created along with other required entities in the process and notifications on failure events.

    The idea for this invention is a reusable framework and mechanism for automated synchronization of records between two or more systems. The invention supports customized field mapping and synchronization rules for special cases, such as when records should be updated or created from each of the target systems. It also supports action and translation rules for special cases, such as when certain record content is encountered with the ability to generate reports based on activity performed by synchronization. These reports are then used as input to a separate system to mitigate the issues encountered, such as crea...