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Method of checking that the customer did not forget any items on their shopping list Disclosure Number: IPCOM000197962D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-23
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Disclosed is an invention utilized at the point-of-sale (POS) station in a retail environment which compares scanned items to the customer’s shopping list and verifies whether all items have been purchased.

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Method of checking that the customer did not forget any items on their shopping list

Customers often make shopping lists but still manage to leave the store without buying

everything on the list. Most shopping lists done on paper are completely disorganized

and, furthermore, it is very difficult to cross things off the list while managing the cart, a

purse, children, and so forth along with actually shopping.

This invention involves comparing the items scanned at the point-of-sale station with the

items on the customer's shopping list and notifying the customer if they are missing an

item that is on their shopping list.

The process is:
1. Customer enters their shopping list at the store's website where the system

associates the list with the customer's loyalty account
2. Customer goes through the POS station at the store and swipes their loyalty card

through the POS device
3. System retrieves the shopping list associated with the loyalty card
4. As items are scanned, the system checks them off of the shopping list
5. When scanning is complete, before the customer pays for the items, the system

notifies the customer of any items on the list that were not purchased. Notification

message takes one of these forms:

Shows on the operator screen, and the operator relays message to the


Shows on the customer-facing display

Goes to the customer's phone or email

Printed on the receipt

If the notification is to the customer's phone or to the customer display - a map of...