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Intelligent Reverse Logistics Advisor for the Optimization of Reuse Integration and Order Fulfillment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198060D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-24
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This invention is a graphical user interface (GUI) application that creates, manages and communicates a Priority Work Direction List that allows manufacturers to efficiently process returned inventory so that usable parts can be returned to active inventory and the order fulfillment workflow.

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Intelligent Reverse Logistics Advisor for the Optimization of Reuse Integration and Order Fulfillment

A natural and often overlooked element of part logistics is the integration of finished but unsold inventory back into the fulfillment operations. To varying degrees, every manufacturer must deal with product that has been assembled and is returned to the plant. It is in the best interest of manufacturers to reintegrate the stock back into useable inventory as quickly as possible to defer the purchase of new product and minimize the manufacturer's exposure to excessive inventory.

In the event of return, components of the shipment may have become unusable (broken, obsolete) in the operation. However, in most cases, there are parts within the order that have retained their usefulness and must be quickly dismantled and returned to stock, especially during peak production times.

A targeted and timely approach to the evaluation of returned content better focuses the efforts related to dismantling product and reduces inventory exposure while increasing revenue potential.

Return processes for many manufactures are often heavily manual, being offered little attention in terms of process optimization. Further complicating these sub-optimized processes is that they are often disparate from order fulfillment; as a result, the returns process has no insight into what parts to return to inventory and in what order to best support customer orders.

Current known solutions and their drawbacks are:

• Determine return order cost, dismantle highest value first. This does not help the forward Manufacturing process where key components are needed for customer orders.

• Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) backorder and replenishment. This does not help, as the replenishment process begins only after parts are returned to stock; therefore, the speed at which parts are returned to stock dictates when parts are replenished. Any delay in the return of parts to stock may drive needless purchase of new parts.

• Manual communication where someone manages returning inventory and identifies po...