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Method and System for Product Placement in Games on Customer Facing Displays Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198133D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-26
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System and Method for exploiting organizational information in an image.

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Method and System for Product Placement in Games on Customer Facing Displays

Simple use cases

Controlling access to meta-data in a digital image

Dictating actions based on clicking on a person or section of a digital image Limiting the above actions based on groups or roles

Core Contribution to Knowledge

The core contribution to knowledge is controlling access to meta-data in images and controlling which actions can be performed when a user clicks on a certain area in a digital image. When a user clicks on a person, group of people, or an object(s) in a digital image certain actions can be performed. These actions can include but not limited to starting an instant message conversation, sending an email, or starting a phone call. The novelty in this invention is the ability to control what organizational meta-data is available to the current user and what kind of actions can be performed when this click is performed. When an action is performed on an object in a digital image a process of looking up and determining the users access rights is performed. After this is performed, this invention will determine what actions can be performed and then display these actions to the current user. These actions will be determined dynamically and in context of the current application.

Use case 1:

Currently you can store meta-data in images and define this meta-data to certain people in images but there is no implementation for protecting or controlling this meta-data in images. Moreover, if a persons contact information is stored in an image, anyone could access it and could possibly use it for harm or unethical uses. Moreover, there is no implementation of dictating what actions can be performed for each user or group. This invention solves this problem.

Solution through the invention :

Through this invention we propose a method for controlling the access to the meta-data in the digital images. Moreover, this controlling action also can define and dictate what actions can be performed based on the users access permissions of ACL's (access control lists).

Summary of Invention

This invention works by storing access control lists for certain users or groups in the digital images. When a user tries to access the meta-data for a person in a digital image their access is determined by the digital image with or without an external authentication service. The users privileges then determine what meta-data can be viewed and also which "actions" a particular user can perform; such as initiating a phone call or starting an instant message chat.

Benefits / Advantages of this Invention

There are many benefits and advantages of this invention, the most notable are the security ramifications involved with storing personal or confidential information in a digital image. Th...