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A Method for Semantic Based Document Organization Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198135D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-26
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This Invention describes a method or system that helps the user determine the best location in which to store their document based on semantic information taken from the document itself providing for easy retrieval. In addition, this invention describes a method for retrieving documents based on the knowledge of the document contents.

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A Method for Semantic Based Document Organization

In order to save a document, a user must select a directory location or folder in which to store it. This requires a small amount of work to either find an existing folder or create a new folder in which to store the document. When the user later wants to reopen the document, it is often difficult for them to find that document because they can't remember the location; the user needs to conduct a search for the file, sometimes using multiple different criteria (key words, dates, numbers, etc.). The process might be time-consuming.

The problems with current file saving and retrieval methods are:

The user does not always remember which folder contains which documents or where they placed a document.

When the system saves a file or creates a folder, it places the file at the end of a list and then resorts it into the list, making it even more difficult to retrieve or find. When saving a document, the user doesn't always know to which folder it is saved. In order to see the file path, the user must perform the Save As function. This is typically the most recently used folder.

When the system completes the Save function, the user can not see where it went, and later must perform a search in order to locate and open the file.

One known solution is US Patent 07529773. This patent discusses storing metadata in a file to assist in its storage.

The invention described in this disclosure differs from US Patent 07529773 in that it does not require metadata to be stored in a document in order to direct file storage. The invention described in this disclosure uses natural language processing to infer where the user wants to store the document. This will help user save documents in an organized fashion and quickly and easily retrieve them. Any number of files can be saved and retrieved.

The solution is a meth...