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Community Software Dashboard Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198137D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-26
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Disclosed is an invention for a user interface (UI) and the underlying processes that delivers social media containing relevant product, user, and task information directly to a user’s workstation within the context of a specific product.

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Community Software Dashboard

Current customer service and problem-solving trends employ a variety of new social software applications as a means of providing product support and assistance. These social software applications provide mechanisms for social interaction which allow users to find other users who share the same product-related interests and provide a communication path for mutual assistance in solving problems and sharing product- and task-related information. The benefit of social software as a place for users to receive assistance as well as foster feeling of group identity and membership is critical to product success today.

For that reason, this invention addresses the following inhibitors to the successful employment of social software applications for product support:

· While the concept of using social software applications to create communities and distribute product information is good, the difficulty in finding and following these sources of information limits their use.

· Finding like-minded users, the best source for solving specific product/task issues, and remaining knowledgeable of the most updated information and contacts is too laborious or time consuming for some users. The number of sites, user groups, blogs, and material related to one topic is often overwhelming. Further, when a company has a large number of products, it can take many clicks on a website to arrive at the actual social content associated with a product.

· In terms of notification of and aggregating incoming information, RDF Site Summary (RSS) readers and aggregation tools are available on the web, but these tools require users to find the appropriate content sources and configure the tooling themselves. This is seen by many as too much effort to invest to become connected and stay up-to-date with useful information. Providing links to useful sources is not sufficient as initial configuration is burdensome for most users.

The main problem for users is finding and sifting through large amounts of data and making contacts appropriate for specific products. Removing this barrier is key to accelerating the uptake of social media.

The solution for increasing the utilization of social media is to bring social media directly into the product rather than requiring the user to leave the product and search the world- wide web. The proposed solution is a user interface and underlying pro...