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Specialty Gases Distribution System in Container Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198147D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-27
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Specialty Gases Distribution System in Container

Photovoltaic manufacturing plants are installed in countries and areas where technically competent resources are often lacking (high purity pipe fitters). Often, the understanding of local organisations is poor and may raise legal and safety issues. The toxic gases distribution equipment (gas cabinets...) need to be installed in compliance with recognized or mandatory standards including specifications in the field of confinement, gas detection, ventilation, fire protection, etc….

Installation can be done by local companies which do not guarantee sufficient quality. The installation can also be done by competent resources sent to the countries where the projects are realized,  but  this is very costly and duration of works must be reduced to a minimum,  whereas  it is common  to  meet hazards,  unforeseen turn of events, which necessarily will  impact the job and delay the projects.

we propose here-below a container (see figure 1) which includes all the features that are commonly identified as key elements by an Accident Risk Analysis.

The container can be assembled in a company where competent resources are available.

The container can be installed very quickly, civil works will be limited to a minimum, it can be "plug and play".

The container can be removed from the user’s site and capex be recovered.

The container can be customised to meet local requirements (ventilation, gas abatement system, fire-fighting, hea...