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Tongue Jack with a Ball Caster Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198167D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-28
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The invention is for the use of a ball caster in a tongue trailer jack in order to allow for easier maneuverability.

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Tongue Jack with a Ball Caster

Tongue trailer jacks today use a swivel wheel; however, after a short period of time the wheel's bearings become contaminated which makes it difficult to maneuver the trailer. In order to change the trailer's direction, manual force (e.g., with a hammer or foot) must be used to release the swivel wheel.

This disclosure is to replace the swivel wheel with a ball caster. [Figure 1]

The ball caster allows for easy maneuverability of the tongue jack trailer in any direction. The diameter of the ball needs to be sufficient to carry the load of the tongue weight rating. [Figure 2]

Figure 1: Ball caster compared to a swivel wheel

Figure 2: Heavy-duty ball transfer unit


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