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System and Method of designing an Intuitive Navigation Experiences in Web Application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198170D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-29
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Today Web application is getting popular in various industries ,and various Web application development technology provide much more content and fancy user experiences then ever, e.g. Web2.0. However, an Enterprise Web application may contain a large amount of widgets on the same page which makes the navigation experience a bitter harder ,as user would probably have to scroll up and down to look for what they should operate on, and the language barriers make it even harder. The method provided in this article focuses on better designing an intuitive UI in Web application so that end user would obtain a more direct navigation experience to accomplish their objective in accessing this system.

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System and Method of designing an Intuitive Navigation Experiences in Web Application

Today Web is evolving to a major platform that most of people work on , for example on line shopping is popular and people tent to buy everything they want on line which saves a lot of their time and energy , net bank gives people flexibility in doing banking related business without having to go to the banks . These Web applications could be designed in a very fancyway with the emerging Web 2.0 technology .However in a lot of cases the end users will be easy to get lost on the web site as too much information is presented . Traditionally SiteMap is used in Web Application design to give user an overall picture of which site goes to what ; and bread line gives user a clue of how it comes into and goes back to the original entry , and there are a few intuitive navigation or User interface engineering related research that is aim to improve the navigation experience to the web sites . However none of these approaches focus on providing a direct objective /goal oriented navigation guide to help user easily navigate through various web pages , this experience is just like people to use Never -Lost to navigate the path to the destination . That being said, the article is providing an UI design approach to allow end users better navigate the web applications by following a few of signs that can indicate the direction of user should move to trigger the next step action and achieve the goal of this access , e.g. placing order and check out to complete the shopping process. Below is a sample screen captured from a demo system being build that has the feature of prompting user to move to upper part of the Web document while user navigate to the very end of that document (multi-pages). The arrow indicates that user needs to move up to find the control(button in this case) for next step operation and meanwhile highlight the control (s)that ne...