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Method and System to alert the wrong recipients address Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198171D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-29
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When we send mail, we may type recipients mail address wrong by typo or other reason, after we sent mail, we have no awareness that the mail has been sent to wrong person accidentally. The issue only could be found when the wrong recipients kindly reply us or we check why there is no feedback of the sent mail. Sometimes the issue even could not be found, and we think we have delivered the message. It brings big influence to our work, we may deliver the confidential information to wrong person, it would be disaster to our business; We have no awareness that we didn't deliver the mail to appropriate person; And we may missed the critical time to resolve the serious issue. We should find a solution to detect the issue before we send the mail.

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Method and System to alert the wrong recipients address

When we send a mail, the mail address which never be used before would be alerted by changing color or font, that is the mail address used for the first time would be reminded.



wrong recipient mail are the mail address you first send

                                            , so reminding to check the mail address for the first use would resolve the wrong mail address issue and also the mail address first used could be reminded to check .

We also could remove out the wrong address items which we have sent from local cached list to keep us informed of the mail address we have sent.

The method is both efficient and convenient for user , there is no any additional action need be taken, you would be reminded by the mail address text color change.

To fulfill the feature,

we would have the mail address list which we have sent cache in local

, the mail address would be cached

once we have sent the mail to the address;

The program would check the mail address cache when we send mail, the mail address color or font would change if it isn't found in the cache;

After the mail is sent

, the new mail address which first used would be stored in local cache;

The cached mail address could be edited to remove the wrong address items or the address which you still would like be reminded, then you could still be alerted when you send to the mail address.