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A Three Dimensional(3D) Process Modeling Method in Business Process Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198174D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-29
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We provide a new three dimensional modeling method for business process.

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A Three Dimensional (


33DDD))) Process Modeling Method in Business Process Management

Process Modeling Method in Business Process Management

Main Idea

Business Process Modeling plays an important role in the business process management (BPM).

A typical Business Process

Management has four stages in whole lifecycle. Different stages have different models and related artifacts. Traditionally, moving from one stage of the SOA cycle to the next is through a kind of project interchange format . Business user use BPM tooling to complete the model stage of the SOA cycle and pass business process models on to the next stage for implementation . User export business process models and import the models into another implementation tool or runtime .

Figure1 BPM lifecycle definition

These transformation operations are very complex and not easy to understand in two dimensional world in the current modeling method and various tools.

To overcome these,

we provide a new three dimensional modeling method for business process

                                                             . Through this method, process elements itself are modeling in 3D artifacts. Each side of the 3D artifact represents a definition of meaningful property. The transformations in BPM lifecycle are also represented in 3D connection. The new process modeling way provides significant benefit from below perspective:
Easy to use and understand by business user in process modeling.

Show different properties of process in one diagram instead of using multiple property pages , for example, the UI page flow and task logic flow are in the same diagram.

Convenient to view and manage the artifact transformation in SOA lifecycle.

Map rules between artifacts in different layers are visible or customizable to users.


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Integrate different tools and data exchange operations in one tool. Fast time to value from modeling to runtime for BPM customers.

Summary of Invention

This invention mainly provides a method in 3D to modeling the business process,

process tooling and process lifecycle management. The key invention located in the [Process Elements Representation], [Layer Definition], [Transformation Map representation] three perspectives.

The primary goal of representation definition in 3D shape is to provide a standard notation that is readily understandable by all users in different stages in BPM lifecycle. These users include the business analysts who create and refine the processes, the technical developers responsible for implementing the processes, and the business managers who monitor and manage the processes. Maps definition is intended to serve as common language to bridge the communication gap that frequently occurs process modeling and the consequent BPM lifecycle..

[Process Elements Representation]

Process elements include various workflow artifacts, data, and related properties like resource, organization, attachment, classification etc around the workflow. In the...