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A method to transfer files between multiple platforms by mouse drag and drop on command line console Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198181D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-29
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This disclosure addresses methods to transfer files between multiple platforms by mouse drag and drop on command line console. Assume a scenario, you work with a command line console, and now you want to transfer files from Linux/Unix to windows, which is a most common operation, but at the moment, you just have two non-satisfied methods, the one choice is you have to input amounts commands in command line console to login FTP server or other server, switch to my target directory, and transfer files one by one. Not only that, the prerequisite is that you must have already configured and startup a FTP server on one machine before your operation. As you see, the total process is Non-intuitive and very complex, it cost you too much time to do that. The other method is that you throw away command line console and launch the third party GUI program to assist to transfer files, this method seems better, but you have to install the third party software, what’s more, I believe no one like his job interrupted to switch to another tool, Of course they prefer to work on one tool totally, if we can directly drag the file displayed in command line to any another place, they would feel very simple and intuitive. Take some common tools for example, SSH Secure Shell is a very popular tool in Linux/Unix users, if you want to transfer files between different platform with it, you just have the two methods mentioned above, inputing amounts of commands or launching another GUI tool to assist. Other tools such as TotalCMD, PUTTY,SecureCRT also use the same methods. Can we have a method, which can conveniently, intuitively and stablely transfer files between multiple platforms, and what you need do is just to drag and drop by mouse on command line console.

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A method to transfer files between multiple platforms by mouse drag and drop on command line console

  This method is based on event-driven, Chart 1 is the overall workflow, from the chart, you can see when user login one machine with command line console, the Main process will record machine's account info, including user name, password and so on, meanwhile, it will also get environment information of target machine operation system. When user switch directory and execute commands, Main process will record the congruent relationship between every output line and user current directory to a table,

which can be appended and deleted dynamic.

                                   When user drag a string from command line console, mouse monitor will launch onDragString method to get string content and corresponding directory info by line number, at the same time, it will set a sync-signal to true,

Once the signal is set to true, a global

                                                   Once user release mouse, hook will catch up the event and then judge current position of mouse and represent of dragged string,

main process can execute

Obtain account info and environment info of target machine .

  When user login target machine with command line console, he will be asked to input user name and password and so on, all of the info will be recorded to session table,

which just works for this login action.

successfully, this session will obtain environment info of operation system and current directory info,

recorded to its session table.

Maintain congruent relationship between every output line and user current directory

Create a two-dimensional array to record line number and directory, the reason is that,

directory info from system environment parameter in this connection session, so if we want to know any directory of output string,

we must make some data structures to record all thedirectory information, in addition,

output too many content, that the data structure will become very considerable although each record just occupies a little space, so the data table must be trimmed when it expands to certain size, the front records will be deleted to release space for new records appending. The session table will be recorded as this:
Line number Directory

… …

… … /opt/IBM/ITM/bin


which will synchronous the event of mouse drag and mouse release.

which will monitor global mouse release event.

hook program will be launched,

with the info,

we will introduce the detailed implement steps according to overall workflow as Figure

corresponding operation, either to transfer files, or to give up the task.



After connecting to target machine

which also will be

we only can obtain current and last

when this command line console

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/opt/IBM/ITM /opt/IBM/logs /opt/IBM/logs /opt/IBM/logs /opt/Database /opt/Database
… … Respond to Event of Mouse




  Once one string is dragged by mouse on command lineconsole, the mouse drag monitor will catch up the event and then obtain the string content and its line...