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A new method of software registration and query service provided by OS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198188D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-29
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A new software package management technoledge for OS provides flexible software registration and discovery service

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A new method of software registration and query service provided by OS

There three obvious drawbacks in the current software registration and query service provided by OS ,whatever the registration table

provided by Windows or RPM by linux , etc. One is the service provided by the OS is for single user in nature . e.g. Registration by one

user can not be queried by other users [non root user]. Second is registration information is kept incentral repository which make

duplicated information in ths system and plug into a third party in the communication between information producer and consumer which make

things complex and less flexible and it 's a polite rule to keep as small footprint as possible in the centric repository . The third is the

current service can not well handle the multiple registration for the same product .

This disclouser is trying to give a better registration and query service with flexible and hybid user support .

The software only register a query handler location to the OS and tell the OS this information can expose to whom , the information for

query are maintained in the software itself areas . The right peers can get the handler location and then run it with the handler 's owner

privilege and get the information back ,e.g. output in json format

The distinguish two points of this invention are
A> User can query out not only the information registered by himself but the whole user if only he is granted access privilege by the

information registered user .

B> Information for software queried is userful not only for software maintaince /existance but also for the software usage .

For bette...