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A method and system for notifying sender, if a removed recipient is being added back to the same email thread Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198203D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-29
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Disclosed is a method which can be applied to an email thread, where one or more recipients have been permanently excluded. The method provides the ability to alert a participent if another recipient attempts to add someone who was a recipient previously removed from the email thread.

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A method and system for notifying sender , if a removed recipient is being added back to the same email thread

An email thread usually starts, when someone sends an email to multiple recipients, then one of the recipients responds and copies everyone that was on the original list or adds additional recipients. From that point on, multiple recipients can then respond to the same email, copying everyone on the original list and/or adding/removing other recipients.

During the exchange, multiple recipients can decide to exclude specific recipients in the thread and to continue discussions.

A typical example would be, a manager sending a note to his whole team. A team member then responds and at some point, the team members want to continue discussing the thread topic, without further including/copying the manager in further discusssions.

The first person, who responds without including the manager can simply remove the manager from the list (To:. CC: or BCC fields) as he responds to other team members.

Nothing prevents

the other members to then decide to add the manager back again in responses either to the TO:, CC: or BCC: fields.

The concept is to provide the ability to warn a recipient if the recipient attempts to add an address that was previously removed from an email thread. This can be done by comparing the last address list with recipient's new address list. If different, a determintaion is made whether the difference includes an address that was deleted from...