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Virtual Worlds System to Visualize Cumulative Data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198222D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-30

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There is currently an interest in demonstrating the environmental impact of actions by corporations (evidenced by large retailer's efforts to reduce their carbon footprint), and individuals (evidenced by the popularity of eco-friendly consumer products). Creating awareness of how our actions impact the environment, our health, other people, or any other factor of concern is more important than ever since the world and our health are in a state of very delicate balance. Some people or groups of people may have difficulty visualizing the impact of their actions when extrapolated to a larger scale. This challenge can be at the microscopic level (an example of which is visualizing the impact of smoking over a lifetime), or at the macroscopic level (an example of which is small monetary donations -by many people- adding up to a large sum). A solution is warranted that renders a rich visual image of the cumulative effect of actions. The invention supports users’ desire to meet their goals, increase awareness, and comprehend problems that are typically hard to visualize.