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Virtual Worlds System to Visualize Cumulative Data

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198222D
Publication Date: 2010-Jul-30
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There is currently an interest in demonstrating the environmental impact of actions by corporations (evidenced by large retailer's efforts to reduce their carbon footprint), and individuals (evidenced by the popularity of eco-friendly consumer products). Creating awareness of how our actions impact the environment, our health, other people, or any other factor of concern is more important than ever since the world and our health are in a state of very delicate balance. Some people or groups of people may have difficulty visualizing the impact of their actions when extrapolated to a larger scale. This challenge can be at the microscopic level (an example of which is visualizing the impact of smoking over a lifetime), or at the macroscopic level (an example of which is small monetary donations -by many people- adding up to a large sum). A solution is warranted that renders a rich visual image of the cumulative effect of actions. The invention supports users’ desire to meet their goals, increase awareness, and comprehend problems that are typically hard to visualize.

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Virtual Worlds System to Visualize Cumulative Data

Detailsfor a solution that renders a rich visual image of the cumulative effect of actions.

Tool Availability

To get started and use the tool the user could have several options, two of which are explained below:
1. The tool could attach to the avatar

Once the tool is attached an information display is presented to the user

2. Tool could function in a specific environment. (Example: "

Awareness island

                                                   " in virtual worlds where after arrival, users get the ability to do these things, maybe many of the objects of reference are already there permanently)

    The user could approach a stationary interface (i.e. a kiosk or screen) within a specific virtual environment.

Initial menu options:

The main menu for either one of the availability options would have two main sections:

Profile and Customization

Selection and Visualization

Use with and without a profile

The user could start using the tool immediately by selecting the version that doesn't require a profile Alternatively the user could create a profile that will allow him/her to visualize a more personalized output.

Elements of the profile would include personal information like:



During the output selection the user will be able to change the default values to a preferred selection. The system will have a database of technical data for objects like automobile mpg for a specific model.

The tool will have a catalog of consumables stored in a database that so the 3D objects can be rendered. User could add their own objects to the catalog using provided templates that will be accessible in the tool.

A "random" button/option will allow the user to quickly visualize the output in different ways.

Using the Selection and Visualization menu:

There are two ways to create visualizations:
using the "most visualized actions" option which will contain a list of popular actions that people

want to visualize like savings on gas, philanthropic contributions and green house pollution effects. using a scenario-based search method which asks the user to pick an action and then a

repercussion (for example the user can select driving, then specify a commute and then the system will be able to...