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Integrated Platform for transport platforms Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198269D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-02
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The ticket machine is normally seen as an isolated piece of equipment on the platform of a train or tram station, it is however a secure device now often connected back to central management infrastructure. This article describes the integration of other equipment into the ticket machine.

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Integrated Platform for transport platforms

In tram stops/small railway stations there may be very little in the way of infrastructure (buildings etc) but there are still typically ticket machines, security devices, help points and other IT & telecommunication systems - and these currently appear to be separate devices.

    This then requires separate communication paths back to a management point. The suggestion here is to consolidate the communications and management of those devices through one point - the ticket machine. In larger railway stations there are buildings that can hold separate equipment and enough equipment that there is significant amounts of infrastructure so this approach is not relevant.

    These days ticket machines at tram stops are full PCs with communications back to a central location for card validation and monitoring and a nice display. They are also built securely since they hold money and have to deal with day to day vandalism.

    There is the potential is to build into the ticket machine all of the other communications and IT equipment for everything else on the platform: * Closed circuit TV;

* Help point; and

* Status/information displays.

    This then has one communications path from the ticket machine back to a central point rather than separate paths or separate aggregation hardware.

Into the ticket machine could be integrated: * Video management/compression hardware for Closed circuit TV;

* Audio transport for help points/call points;

* Out...