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A System and Method to Enhance the Usability of Web Unit Testing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198302D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-04
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This invention describes a system and method to enhance the usability of web unit testing by an easier and quicker way. With this invention, the tester can complete the web unit test without writing any testing code or scripts and preparing any tool or IDE. All the test cases can be generated and executed at the run-time only by a browser in client

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A System and Method to Enhance the Usability of Web Unit Testing


Nowadays for web unit testing,

                   the tester always uses some testing tool or IDE to help them in writing test cases or scripts, such as HttpUnit, Cactus, JUnit, etc. In general these tools and IDEs can be divided into two different types. One is non-automation tool which requires the tester to write test cases manually by calling the API, another is automation framework that testers can record their action first, and then the test codes will be generated automatically by the tool. For the first one, you will have to learn the special APIs whenyou want to write test cases and do the unit test, for the automation framework, you must follow the guide to setup and configure it step by step .Both of them have good points in some fileds, but when used in either of following situations, it is too much for both of them :

If your team has a new member who does not know the web unit testing tool before, e.g. HttpUnit. He or she has to learn how to install/configure/use the APIs to create a simple test case. If you are in agile programming, the cost of study is a bit high.

If you are in a remote environment that has no above tools installed but needs to write a test case immediately.

2. Proposed Solution and Description

The proposed solution mainly focuses on improving the usability of web unit testing by making it more easier and quicker. The invention builds a web application system that enables the testers to visit it and write test cases without the help ofany extra tool or software installed, you don't have to learn some tool's API or scripts. In other words, testers can write unit testing codes at anywhere in any time they want. The following graph illustrates how the system works:


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Figure 1. System Architecture

Here is the detailed steps to create a new test case in the system based on a simple web unit testing scenario:
1) Define test case on the page. The scenario is that a tester wants to test a redirected URL and checkif it is the expected one. What he has to do is to launch the system in a browser and makesome selections from the drop-down list and input the necessary parameters. The whole process to test is only three steps: A. open the page B. locate the target elements C. Assert with the ex...