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Method for Enabling Validation Code Automation Testing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198305D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-04
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A method to enable validation code automation testing is provided. A plug-in for application server is used to collect the validation code and interfaces are provided for automation testing program to retrieve the validation code. With the plug-in, the automation testing for validation code is enabled while keeping the method transparent to the application itself.

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Method for Enabling Validation Code Automation Testing

In some of the application , the validation code is required to input into web page , e.g., log in, …... Since the validation code is always displayed as a picture , it becomes an inhibitor of automation testing . The main solutions existing are listed here :

1) remove the validation code check during testing by developer ;

2) change the validation code generating logic by developer to generate one fixed code for everyrequest which can be used by the automation test program; 3) a special program retrieving the validation code from server side is created ; the automation test program get the validation code from the special program . All the existing solutions have a drawback that the application itself has to be modified during automation testing .

Main approach :
Our methodology is to create a plug-in at server side which could send out the string format validation code to the client side. Thus, the automation testing tool could retrieve the validation code from the plug -in.

Main advantage :
1. the approach is transparent to the application . Compare to the existing methods , no additional change to the application is required to the developer or the tester .

  The solution consists of one component: -

Validation Code Collector

A plug-in for application server

-- The plug-in collect the specified value (validation code) in the session of the specified application
- The interface is provided for clients to retrieve the validation code string....