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Alternative Storage of Ion Implantation Gases Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198324D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-04
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This discloses an alternative supply of AsH3, PH3, SiF4, and BF3 from carbon nano tube and/or fullerene.

Brief Description of the Prior Art

AsH3 and PH3 are used in the process of ion plantation at semiconductor manufacturing.  In fact, they are typically diluted with considerable hydrogen and used at extremely high pressure.  ATMI discloses alternative delivery solution of these gases safely instead of high pressurized cylinder.  Specifically, their idea is to adsorb gases into a specific adsorbent consisting of crystallized alumino silicate glass.  On the other hand, APCI discloses the usage of ionic liquid that dissolves Lewis based gases even at room temperature.

Problem Solved by the Invention

Handling with hazardous ion implant doping gases such as AsH3, PH3, SiF4, and BF3 at high pressure is of high concern because of extremely low TLV of these gases.  In addition, due to size constraints of cylinders a larger amount of dopants (AsH3, PH3, SiF4, and BF3) can be stored in an adsorbed phase that fits into an ion implant machine than a high pressure dilute mixture.  The added capacity improves the productivity of the ion implant machine.

Solution of the Problem According to the Invention

Our idea is to use carbon nano tube/fullerene for storage of gases.  This method is expected to show enough adsorbtion performances, and the release could be done at ambient temperature in vacuuming conditions or at elevated te...