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Method and system to integrate hardware lock into a mobile charger Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198343D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-05
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Disclosed is a system that helps avoid thefts of mobile phones by using physical locks. It introduces a new type of lock for cell phones that is integrated with the cell phone battery charger. The idea here is to provide an easy way to physically lock cell phones when it is being charged at public places. The novel feature of this invention is to integrate the lock in the charger itself and the methodology used. There are existing methods where physical locks are used to secure laptops. Similar approaches could be used for securing cell phones too. However there are few drawbacks of the existing solution: 1) A separate locking device has to be carried in addition to the cell phone battery charger. 2) Cost of the locking device 3) Heavy and big oversize locks.

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Method and system to integrate hardware lock into a mobile charger

The implementation of this idea requires modification of design of cell phone chargers and the cell phone. The new charger can be divided into three sections.
1) The charger adapter
2) The cable
3) The integrated jack and lock
4) Locking System

The Charger adapter:

This section will contain the normal adapter of the charger with a protruding lock cable which is enclosed flexible loop. The other end of the lock-charge systems can be passed through this loop to create a knot. The lock cable is strong, flexible and ductile and is an extension coming from the cable section.

Fig 1.

2) The Cable section:

This section describes the details of the cable that connects the adapter and the jack/lock. The figure below shows the cross section of the cable. It mainly comprises of three things namely the outer protective plastic covering, a cable for lock and the wires that transmit electrical signals to the cell phone. The cable for lock is strong, flexible and ductile. This cable extends and

protrudes the adapter to form the loop.


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Fig 2.

5) The integrated Jack/Lock section

The cable setup connects to the integrated Jack-Lock section. This section consists of the Jack which is used to connect to the cell phone to enable battery charging. The lock cable coming from the cable section is shouldered into the jack so that they form a single object. This section has a protruding metallic lock integrated into the top portion of the Jack to form the locking system as shown below.

4) Locking system: