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Method to create subset of invitees in Calendar Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198347D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-05
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Disclosed is a method of giving the user the ability to create subset of invitees in the calendar. While sending a calendar invite , this proposal will enable user to specify the set of invitees where Chairperson is interested in knowing the response. At the same time, Chairperson would have flexibility to add optional invitees whose resposne is not desired by the Chairperson.Should just be able to add the invite to the calendar.

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Method to create subset of invitees in Calendar

Many a times, when a meeting or training is scheduled, where there are mix of participants comprising of mandatory and optional participants. There is no way to avoid receiving response from optional participants. The Chairperson email box gets filled up with too many unnecessary responses. The proposed disclosure will help by allowing the chairperson of the meeting to get response from few participants and rest of the participants can just add the invite in their calendar. As a consequence, no separate invite will be required for the set of people whom chairperson of the meeting is interested for the response of the meeting. For example, chairperson of the meeting would be interested in knowing if presenters of the session are available for meeting or not. Additionally, chairperson of the meeting would like the presenters also to know who all could be the possible audience. The proposed mechanism will provide the calendar invite to be combination of normal calendar invite and broadcast invite. It will help in avoiding flood of undesired meeting response mails of participants.

Let us consider one example in which chairperson of the meeting has to send meeting invite for training/session. Presently, to do this, chairperson of the meeting would send one invite to presenters of the meeting, and then second a broadcast (or normal depending on the context) invite to audience.

Introducing this feature when chairperson of...