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System and Method to Set Default Download Location Based on File Extension Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198363D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-05
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Disclosed is a system and method to set a default download location based on a file extension. This makes document saving easier and more efficient for the user.

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System and Method to Set Default Download Location Based on File Extension

Currently, download programs sometimes recognize to where the last downloaded file was saved. However, there is no current intelligent method to automatically determine where to download a file based on its file extension.

One known solution discusses how to display a file based on its file extension. However, it specifically states that the user is prompted to save a file in a folder or location in the file system. [1]

Another solution discusses how a file is downloaded to a file system. However, it does not address downloading to specific locations based on the extension of a file as proposed by our invention. [2]

The innovation disclosed here downloads the file to a location on the file system based on the extension. The invention includes a rule set that is used to define how various files can be saved onto a file system based on their file extensions. This allows different types of files to be saved beyond a default location, which is usually set via a browser or application setting (e.g., downloading a file from the Internet) or user input (e.g. saving a file based on a user selected location). The browser could also have a set of multiple download locations for various file extensions that varies for each user. Hence, one rule set may apply to all users or the specific logged-in user.


1. A user defines a default file download location rule set.

Example: In Windows OS, users can currently associate default programs to launch a file ending in a specific file extension, as shown. [Figure 1] In this disclosed solution, the user defines which default download locations to specify for each file extension type.

Figure 1: Windows OS options


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2. Once a user attempts to download a file, whether from an email client or a web browser, or other applications, the system search for...