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Desktop Metaphor for Ease of Locating On-Screen Search Results within or across desktop and browser applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198560D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-09
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Current desktop applications provide search functions that may or may not allow for highlighting or display-overlays of the associated search terms. This article discusses a method to consolidate all search functions within a common mechanism that will also allow for highlighting of user interface objects (not just text) that contain the search terms.

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Desktop Metaphor for Ease of Locating On -Screen Search Results within or across desktop and browser applications

Disclosed is the idea for desktop application software with a user interface that allows for selecting search terms across all open desktop application windows. It includes a mechanism to select, scroll and highlight terms throughout the operating system desktop. Currently there are no desktop search methods that consolidate windowed highlighted over all desktop windows/applications. This concept will allow the user to control the method for display of search items, as well as provide an easier way to recognize the common search attributes (through the use of highlighting, expanding-circles overlays, etc). By allowing control of the search highlighting through keyboard and mouse input devices, circular search through all open desktop application windows (including areas obscured through scrolling) can be provided.

The software works through the use of a desktop metaphor that provides a user interface for choosing the keyword(s) (regular expressions and other typical search attributes) which select the text to be highlighted among all desktop application windows. The user's search term is then compared among the text captured from an exhaustive enumeration of all the desktop windows that are rendering said text. The enumeration is done through programming interfaces provided by the operating system that allow the program to iterate through all user int...