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Automatic prefix update when calling from outside the default mobile phone location Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198596D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-10
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Most modern cellular phones include an agenda in which phone numbers. We store the numbers in our assuming that we will call them from our default location. That means that we don't include the area code for local numbers and we only add the country code for our contacts who live abroad. The problem is that when we travel to other states (provinces or regions) or countries, the calls to our contacts do not generally go through because local calls lack the area code as well as the country code The idea is a system that will use different methods to adjust automatically the way a number is dialed when the phone is not in its default location. The idea consist in using several methods to determine the full number that needs to be dialed when outside our area code or country: 1) Find out the current country and area code. The cell tower to which the pone is connected can generally provide accurate GPS positioning that can be used to obtain that information. We cannot use the phone´s position, because what is relevant is not the phone´s position but the position of the cell tower. 2) Defining a default location with its corresponding area and country code. This information will be used to automatically complete a phone number when calling from a different area code or country 3) For phone numbers stored in the agenda with a long-distance code, the country or area code may have to be eliminated when traveling to that country or area code in order to convert it to a local call.

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Automatic prefix update when calling from outside the default mobile phone location

Disclosed is a process providing a capability for a phone to automatically format a phone number, depending upon the current location of a user. Typical modern cell phones include an agenda. The menu program enables users to store names and phone numbers. Agendas work as expected provided the user does not leave a local area code. As soon as the user moves to a different city, state or country, the numbers stored in the agenda become less useful because the numbers cannot be dialed as currently saved. The previously stored numbers need to be edited to include a proper country or long distance area code for the call to be completed.

The agenda therefore lacks a context when storing a number. The agenda does not have an indication of a location from which a number is usually called. Therefore, when a user stores a seven digit number in a respective agenda, the program has no way to determine whether that number was for a phone number in Spain, in the US, or anywhere else.

There are typically two ways to add a missing context for a saved number. A first method forces the user to always include a country code and an area code. Including the missing codes can be done but is frustrating for users who do not travel often to enter information that is typically not used. This method is also not guaranteed to work always because in some cases, when calling from another country the number cannot be called by just adding an international prefix and an area code. The second method is to define an origin or a default location as in Figure 1. The origin is the location where the user usually lives and where the user typically originates calls. In many countries (for example, France and Spain), knowing the country code is enough to obtain a context because the concept of area code is no longer used for dialing purposes. In other countries such as the United States this is not true and a local area code is required to get the full context. Additionally, in other countries, such as Mexico it is important to know whether the


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