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A flexible framework for application packaging and installing in a multi-server solution oriented environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198599D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-10
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Disclosed is an XML based structure that is adaptable and extensible to multiple server environments allowing for the efficient application and updating of product software packages from a single point.

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A flexible framework for application packaging and installing in a multi -server solution oriented environment

In a solution-based appliance product, the software stack can consist of multiple independent product components. Furthermore, the appliance could have multiple nodes, each having different component stack. It is required that all the nodes in an appliance are upgraded via a single upgrade package and that upgrade be driven from a single point, thus allowing the customer to be able to upgrade the entire appliance.

The problem is how to apply different application packages from different sources on one server at a time or across multiple servers at the same time. Application packages must be applied either one at a time on each server or in sets. The ability to run external scripts before and after each set is required to handle the dependencies between various complex components which are interdependent on each node stack type. Additionally, some of the components (e.g., Operating System such as GPFS) required reboot before the remaining stack could be upgraded. Therefore, a mechanism for rebooting a single server or multiple servers is required between applications of packages. The framework has to be adaptable and extensible to a variety of software package configurations that are not known in advance of placing the code on the machine.

The solution is to an XML -based structure for a multi-server system that has maximum flexibility with minimal compiled code changes. The XML structure definition can:

• Identify different node types for its unique application stack
• Identify the order of applying of packages
• Run any associated external scripts
• Reboot servers as needed

Using XML as the basis for these actions allows repackaging of any updates for the appliance without requiring changing the application package code on the machine. It also allows small package deliveries (hot fixes) or full product installs or upgrades without changing the package application code.

The upgrade driver (single control point) uses this upgrade definition file to orchestrate a multi-phase, multi-node, multi-stack type procedure, maintaining inter-component dependencies within a single node stack as well as the depe...