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Method and System for Automatic Management of Build Servers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198618D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-10
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A method and system for automatic management of build servers is disclosed. The method and system involves handling of the build servers by utilizing virtual machine instances.

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Method and System for Automatic Management of Build Servers

Disclosed is a method and system for managing build servers by automatically checking health of the build servers based on build statistics. The method and system further enables automatic recovery of the build servers from failure by utilizing virtual machine (VM) instances.

A block diagram illustrating the disclosed system is shown in Figure.



The method involves managing build jobs running over build servers, wherein the build

jobs are configured by a user based on flavors. The flavors are based on Operating

System type and compilation tools. Further, environment variables are setup for each flavor.

In order to run the build jobs, these flavors are associated with one or more VM instances. Each VM instance incorporates a snapshot that can restore the VM instance to a pristine state which is ready to run a build job. Further, a build history is stored in a database. In addition, performance criteria for the build jobs are setup. The performance criteria corresponds to multiple aspects such as, failure of the build job,


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time required for completion of the build job, expected statistics for the build job based on the build history, and so forth.

Thereafter, performance and time required by the build jobs are monitored and compared with the pre-set performance criteria. Based on the performance criteria, appropriate actions corr...